Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals. | | Kho phim mới cập nhật liên tục

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Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals. | Kho phim hay nhất dành cho bạn.

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Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals. và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals.
Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals. và các Nội dung liên quan đến nội dung.

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Delboy's Garage, How-To replace regular type fork seals..

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  1. what I dont get is, both your forks were different. One had the cartridge inside but the next one didn't. So how do you get the oil into the cartridge one. And when you put the oil in the last fork, it seemd to have no rod inside it, but how did the oil not poor out the bottom hole and where was the rod which is attached to the bottom bolt. What did I miss.

  2. The standard of these videos is absolutely first class. I haven’t even got a leaking seal (yet) but still watched it all.

  3. I won't to put wot I learned from this video to good use and repair my fork seals . But I need to no wot the air gap is on CBF 250 2006 i can't find a good ansa on net.if u. No could u mesige me the ansa forks look like a cartridge type . kind regards

  4. thanks, if only i´d had this back in 95, when i did my VFR400. with no fancy tools, disassembly was ok, but on reassembly, i couldn´t tighten the bottom bolt much without the damper turning. i finished, put them back in the yolks, and in the morning, had 2 little puddles of fresh oil on the floor, having leaked out the bottom. only solved it by taking the spring back out, and welding a nut (maybe 20mm??) to a slim metal pole, which could then stop the damper turning, and getting the bottom bolt tightened enough. i have never attempted it since….

  5. Cheers Delboy! your tutorial not only saved me money from a motorbike garage doing it for me, it helped me gain valuable skills! All that's left now is getting the pesky rounded off rear caliper body bolt head for my rebuild.. When that's done the Gsxr will breeze through her MOT.. I hope anyways

  6. Nice one Ive somehow busted both seals on the new (to me) forks on my katana I've been putting back together after a crash. Was actually considering buying a third set of forks to avoid doing this as I've no bike mechanic nearby who isn't inundated with lawnmowers all summer and this has always seemed like witchcraft to me. Definetly worth a go to save hundreds. Cheers

  7. Great video… to the point I've plucked up the courage and started the job myself…. had a bit of a school boy error… it was going so well… then I went to open the new seals… to find I ordered dust seals and not oil seals… oh well the jobs on pause until the oil seals arrive 🙄

  8. It's a long time since this video was posted, however it's no where near the amount of time I've pissed around avoiding this task on Telescopic forks and throwing them at a mechanic because I'm lazy and not very inventive. Belated Cheers.

  9. I have never ever left a comment on YouTube, but your solution for a seal driver was brilliant and saved my ass! Fork seals done and I can’t thank you enough.

  10. Your videos do inspire the ‘I can do it!’ in me. You guys have the magic and the little insights are exactly what the others do not specify!!! My Fz6r fork seals and fluid is gonna be replaced next week !

  11. Thanks for this video! Forks on my bike need doing and watching this is giving me the confidence to give it a go myself. got charged 230 quid on an old bike when it needed doing, will be £40 for all the bits to do it myself!

  12. Just looping back to this vid 'cos I'm going to do my forks this weekend. Gotta say Del, you're looing a fair bit more youthful here 😉
    And the accommodation – it just shows the journey and how far you've come!
    But its vids like this that drew people in to begin with and grew the subscriptions. All credit to you!

  13. Hi Delboy, any chance you could let us know the diamater of the plastic waste pipe you used, and the diameter of the fork tube please? I need to do this job on an ST1300 and its fork tubes are 45mm diameter. Most pipe seems to be 40mm diamater max. Many thanks for any information you can provide.

  14. Hi been watching your fork seal video very well put together could I ask u what diameter plastic pipe u used and also any chance of some maxi scooter videos thanks

  15. Mate I haven’t see your videos this old …. look at you now! Your new work space and tools so awesome to see your progress !

    Btw love the seal driver idea!

  16. I found a very easy way to accurately get the desired air gap is to overfill the fork leg a bit, then use a thin threaded rod with a big washer to sit on the top of the fork tube then a nut to allow a good range of adjustment. Then cable tie some pvc tubing to the rod so that it is level with the end of the threaded rod with a bit extra poking out the top. a reasonably large syringe onto the tube, then set the rod length, (bottom of the rod to the underside of the washer), overfill, pop the rod down the tube and withdraw the excess oil with the syringe. Makes a finicky job easy and accurate amd spunds a lot more long wi9nded when you type it out.

  17. The improvisation is something wise 👏 I’m definitely saving this for future reference, great job man. With a subscribe for this alone.

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