Is the Ricoh GR II GOOD ENOUGH in 2020? (Ricoh GR II VS Ricoh GR III) | | Kho phim mới cập nhật liên tục

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Is the Ricoh GR II GOOD ENOUGH in 2020? (Ricoh GR II VS Ricoh GR III) | Kho phim hay nhất dành cho bạn.

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Is the Ricoh GR II GOOD ENOUGH in 2020? (Ricoh GR II VS Ricoh GR III) và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnchủ đề này.

Is the Ricoh GR II GOOD ENOUGH in 2020? (Ricoh GR II VS Ricoh GR III)
Is the Ricoh GR II GOOD ENOUGH in 2020? (Ricoh GR II VS Ricoh GR III) và các Thông tin liên quan đến từ khoá.

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Is the Ricoh GR II GOOD ENOUGH in 2020? (Ricoh GR II VS Ricoh GR III).

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  1. Hi Samuel, can you get rid of all the icons in the screen of the gr ii? I wanna see my aperture, speed, iso and grid, just that. Another question, can you set a minimum speed for auto iso? I can't find thw option for that. Nice sincerely video

  2. Does anyone know where I can send my griii to get a screen replacement? Woke up and dropped it, now very sad. It fell literally 6in and the screen is shattered and untouchable, but I can still see with it. Just the glass makes it very unpleasant to touch.

  3. Good enough in 2020? I don’t understand this question. People are still shooting film cameras that are decades old. Some of those are magnum photographers and world famous artists having their stuff exhibited globally. Pictures being sold for tens of thousands. Also, if the 2 is no good anymore then the Ricoh 3 will be no good in a few years so why even use that one now? This consumerist nonsense is a blight on the photography world. Imagine writers or painters making tons of videos along these lines? The word processors and brushes are improving but every idiot knows this has nothing to do with the true value of the art.

  4. Is anyone experiencing a glitch with the GR2 when clicking the Menu button or the rocker to access options, when the shooting dial is in certain modes like P or Auto? The Menu screen and options suddenly disappear as if I clicked the Menu button or rocker to exit

  5. Samuel Do You Recommend Buying One oF The GR Digital Series Cameras Like GRD ii or GRD iii Since This Series oF Cameras Is Kinda Cheap
    What Do You Think
    Is It Worth Buying To Do Street Photography With
    How About You Do An Episode About This Topic …
    Thank You

  6. Fan of the channel, came across a used GR2 used like-new and jumped on it from remembering this video. Keep the great content coming.

  7. Guys, you aren't helping!!!! Great videos – as always. But… didn't mention the DUST issue ! This is what I'm concerned about, and also the battery life issue on the GRIII. I feel like the GRIII isn't quite there yet. We need the GR IV 🙂

  8. Was watching this channel for years and tempted to try out GR myself. Last week I was deciding between I and III which I tested personally. Finally decided to pick GR I and it failed literally next day with famous stuck shutter on turning on (issue wasn’t there while I was testing it week ago and in first day of owning it myself). While the GR I and II are really great cameras the amount of failed units is huge and I won’t buy anything from this company in future since I found same issue persists even in 3rd gen of apsc gr.

  9. The very first part was hilarious. Samuel: I find it difficult to believe that you don’t have or have not extensively used the 8.1MP GR1. It’s somewhat primitive in a lovable way. So many constraints = such strong nurturing of creativity. 5 stars here. Thanks.

  10. One of the lamest so called reviews. This is supposed to be a comparison between the GRIII and the predecessor but you barely mentioned any of the differences in ergonomics and all the customization that the GRIII does NOT have . Not to mention that the argument about the wake up time is really not significant. Also why do you keep calling it the GS3 ? It is the GR3.
    I also saw from another video that you do not know the GRII because there are more differences between the I and II other than the wifi , contrary to what you said in another video.

  11. Hi Samuel, auf Dein Video folgend habe ich mir eine GR II gekauft, weisst Du warum das Firmware Update 3.0 nicht zu bekommen ist? ( Deadlink auf dem Ricoh PDF ) ?! Du hast doch gute Beziehungen zu Ricoh ?!

  12. Love this guys! so much good content! I think Ricoh GR community is the Best one. You guys are Rocking it! 🔥

  13. I really think Ricoh Pentax need to build on the success of this concept, just like Fuji did on the success of the X100. And I'd like to see them add a flash sync socket so you could use the camera for flash, with a viewfinder attached. Or they could just add a viewfinder…

  14. I have a GR 1 and X100F, love them. Got to see my first GR 3 today, it’s cool but my GR 1 still goes every where with me.
    I replaced the X100F ( I still have it. ) with a Leica Q. It is fantastic to be honest. It is a beast in low light.
    Something very cool with all the GR range.

  15. I wonder which I could buy…. because I had a GRD 1 on 2009 and I'm nostalgic. Your video is pretty good, and I'm about to find a GRII for second hand. Thank you from France.

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