Leaking lead pipe repair | Lead-Loc | loc co vich | Tin tức về các loài động vật hay nhất

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Leaking lead pipe repair | Lead-Loc | Thông tin về các loại thú cưng dành cho bạn.

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Leaking lead pipe repair | Lead-Loc và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnnội dung này.

Leaking lead pipe repair | Lead-Loc
Leaking lead pipe repair | Lead-Loc

loc co vich và các Thông tin liên quan đến bài viết.

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Leaking lead pipe repair | Lead-Loc.

loc co vich.

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  1. In the us we would be required by law to rip all of the lead out to wherever it ends to copper or brass or a more modern plastic pipe.

  2. My lead pipe was leaking and the pipe was too small for the lead lock..iv gt a temporary compression fitting on..any advice on more permanent solution (apart from the mde pipe) thanks

  3. where in the world are you that plumbing codes would allow you to keep using that lead water service to the house .need to replace with a new service fronm the street,you know lead is dangerous

  4. Just seen this today after puncturing the lead main pipe in the kitchen of a house we are doing up. Don't ask, but I was actually carefully chasing out some ring main cable and the water pipe was immediately below it! Yes thankfully I had the sense to turn off the electricity otherwise I'd not be here now! (If it had been copper I'd have just bounced off it.) The pipe will need to be moved anyway as the wall is coming out, but it is too misshaped to fit a lead lock. Can it be temporarily repaired with plumbers mait or similar?

  5. Note of caution folks! If you have to turn off the mains water authority stop tap in the street, particularly when working in terraced properties in UK, ensure that it does not serve more than the property you are working at. Quite often, it may serve 2 or more properties.
    It is essential that you seek the permission of the neighbours first and usually verbal approval is enough. Diplomatically explain that they extend this courtesy as in turn, they may want this extended to themselves in future.
    I had this job around 3-4 years ago. The mains stop in the street served 3 houses. I sought permission from one property but could not get the other householders to answer the door. I presumed that there was no-one in residence. I posted a note just in case they returned whilst I was working.
    Within an hour, I had both Yorkshire Water and South Yorkshire Police attend and threaten to serve me with a section 42 notice, for turning off the water in the street. Thankfully, I had a 7lb lead-loc with me (the most common size required for this job) I did not have to take a cut out section to the plumbers merchants to get a correct size. I reinstated the water within an hour of turning it off in the street. The job was in Rotherham. One would have presumed that the police in particular, would have had better things to occupy their time

  6. Sorry, I could hear you for the first part of the video, as you were in an echoing brick shell, and not wearing a microphone. I think you should have made the second cut first, and it would have taken the weight off where you were cutting the lead pipe. 4.30 Don't you have plumbing spanners in your toolbox?

  7. hi handyman on a slightly different agenda how can i move my stop tap its in a really inacessable place how do you go about turning the water off thats coming into the property so i can extend / move the tap .any advice be appreciated cheers

  8. The stopcock in my house is on lead pipe. If i use 2 lead locks to join to copper, once i remove the stopcock. and put a new stopcock on the copper will this work??

  9. Not a bad video, – what to do if you're on a common supply? The old communal stop taps rarely shut off completely so it prudent to have the neighbours on side before attempting this job.

  10. Can I join lead to plastic to copper (my hot water lead pipe leaks)?  Are these fittings suitable for blue MDPE only or can they be used with standard grey barrier? I have 1 5/16" diameter lead pipe (it's big), to be joined to 22mm copper…

  11. hi thanks for the video, you mention a united utilities scheme to replace the led? can you tell me more about it, i have the same set up in my house as this video

  12. I need an advice from an expert. Lets say you have a lead pipe drain in the bathroom, going from the bathtub across bathroom. So about 2 meters of horizontal drain. Pipes are 30 years old. So if you exclude faulty joints (where the leak will obviously appear), is it possible for those lead pipes to corrode and leak because of corrosion somewhere in the middle of the pipe? If there is a joint of lead pipe with cast iron bathtub, cast iron will corrode much faster or?

  13. Going to try this on our leak until landlord decides to fix it. Should I be worried worried about breaking the lead pipe when I tighten the connector around it? Couple of plumbers told me they wouldn't do this kind of fix because lead is so soft.

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