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X Summit PRIME 2021/ FUJIFILM | Kho phim hay nhất dành cho bạn.


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X Summit PRIME 2021/ FUJIFILM và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnđề tài này.

X Summit PRIME 2021/ FUJIFILM và các Nội dung liên quan đến nội dung.

Xem “X Summit PRIME 2021” và tìm hiểu các sản phẩm mới về Fujifilm X và hệ thống GFX. Các sản phẩm mới sẽ được chia sẻ bởi nhóm Fujifilm và X Photographers. Đừng bỏ lỡ những tin tức thú vị! 00:00 Giới thiệu 04:44 GFX50S II 15:05 GF35-70mm 25:35 Lộ trình ống kính GF 30:35 Cập nhật GFX FW 35:45 XF33mmF1.4 43:53 XF23mmF1.4 53:01 Lộ trình ống kính XF 55:39 Kết thúc Tìm hiểu thêm về FUJIFILM X Series & GFX: #fujifilm #xsummit #fuji.

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X Summit PRIME 2021/ FUJIFILM.

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  1. Can you say clearly the higher resolution with numbers of 23mm f/1.4 WR comparing with the first generation? Please update the mobile app…

  2. The X-series part of this x-summit was mainly about teasing with the new lenses for the xh2, 40+ mp sensors that will reign over the next generation but before the new era #Fuji needs to maximize profits with the soon to be obsolete sensors and bodies : gfx 50 will have a serious competition with the new 40+ mp x- sensors and xt-30 will be replaced by the xt-40 in 2022.

    Before jumping in the future, #Fuji please :
    – Get us an X70 S
    – Hurry to make WR wide angle (10/12mm)
    – Update the 18mm f2
    And most importantly keep the relationship with your community by maintaining free updates, nor the people nor the planet needs greedy brands !

    Oh yes I almost forgot, bring that D-pad and MCS dial back, these ergonomics are 100% part of the #Fuji identity and the reasons to buy Fuji.

    Don't go over mainstream #Fuji please:

  3. Just crossing my fingers for a silver X-H2 with 4K120. I wouldn't mind 8K but if I have to choose between 8K30/60 and 4K120 then 4K120 is much more important, please be the first Japanese company to understand that Fuji. Oh, also we need a parfocal X lens.

  4. The 70-300mm is so sold-out in my country that I am still queueing for one. And now they release the new 23mm/1.4, hopefully I can get a copy of it before 2022. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. we brand users have great difficulties in purchasing products and accessories, and also the difficulty of getting information about product configurations, this could bring better results in the work and leisure of those who like it. I'm fascinated by my X-T4, but I'm discouraged to get information for better use of the camera, and it's also tiring to try to find accessories from the brand itself, at least here in Brazil!

  6. Fujifilm used to create extremely appealing tools “designed by photographers for photographers” but it looks like they are currently transforming into “camcorders for YouTubers”…

  7. How much I liked to love the GFX system , it remains a heavy, bulky system with slow AF compared to full frame!It will remain surely a niche system.
    I will definitely buy sooner or later a new 24/1.4 if they match the sharpness of my 18/1.4.
    The 150-600 will fill up the gap with competition hopefully on condition that the new camera is able to AF fast enough.In this way it will give more life to the 200/2 lens as well , a lens which i have in use on the XT4 and still is , to my experience the best XF lens.

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